Do's and Don'ts of Transition


  • Remain calm and quiet upon your kitten's arrival to its new home
  • Place the carrier on the floor and allow your kitten to come out on its own
  • You may gently coax the kitten out of the carrier
  • Keep the kitten in a small room at first, until it becomes more acclimated to its new environment
  • Sit on the floor to play and socialize with your kitten
  • Place your kitten in the litter box for the first few days, several times a day
  • Slowly and gradually introduce your kitten to the other household pets, if any
  • Allow your kitten to know where its food and water is kept and check to see whether it is eating or drinking
  • Use short timeouts to reprimand your kitten for wrongdoing
  • Use a pelleted litter for the first few weeks your kitten is in your home


  • Give your kitten immediate free reign in your home
  • Move the litter box for the first couple weeks after your kitten arrives
  • Introduce your kitten to too many people or new environments at first. After your kitten is comfortable and confident in your home, then you should introduce it to more people.
  • Keep a down comforter on your bed if your kitten is laying with you. It may be confused for a litter box.