Different Generations Explained

What Does the "F" Mean?

F1 kittens are created by breeding an African serval cat with a Savannah cat, or a domesticated cat. The kittens produced by this breeding are known as F1 generation. An F1 female cat is then bred with another Savannah cat, which creates a kitten considered as F2. When an F2 cat is bred with another Savannah cat, this creates an F3 kitten. 

And so on...

Male Savannah cats are sterile until at least the F4 generation, and even then, only a few fertile F4 males exist. Only about 50% of F5 males are fertile, and therefore many breeders use F6 males for their purposes. The F6 male is usually bred with first, or second-generation female Savannahs. 

As F1 and F2 kittens are the closest in genetics to the serval, they generally cost the most out of all Savannah cats. They can average anywhere from $10,000-$20,000. F2 males will typically grow to be as large as F1 females, and they can range anywhere from $5,000-$8,000. Generally, by the time the kittens reach the fourth or fifth generation, they will grow to be the same size as a normal domesticated cat.