Update on Finn

Hi Sandra, 

Finn is doing great! He is super playful, intelligent, friendly, and affectionate. He is definitely the sweetest cat I have ever met. Also he's also getting huge! He's almost 9 lbs at 6 mo! Thank you again for the wonderful kitten! 



Update from Dan


Just wanted to let you know we got home last night and the kitten did fine on the ride.  He was awful tired and just wanted to rest but was very loving when we got home.  He has been non-stop play all day today except for the time spent eating  which he has done great with as well.  He is so loving and that toy you gave him is his favorite.  He has fit into his new environment very nicely so far and has made no mistakes as far as the liter box.  He is just awesome!  So well socialized we just love him.  I will send you pictures next week after fully settled and write you another Email.

Thanks again,


Update on Kaia


We just got our F3 kitten last week and named her Kaia! She lives in Miami, in a spacious condo in the bay and is surrounded by love of her parents Thierry and Jenya and a beagle Cleo. She is very cuddly, smart, playful and funny, she is absolutely beautiful and graceful! We are very happy with her:)

Here is her picture: 

Thank you Savannah Exotic Cats! 


Update on Eoghan

"Here's Eoghan at 14 weeks,  his markings are more pronounced and becoming striking looking!!  He's huge already,  my vet said he doesn't see many savannahs but thinks he's an amazing looking kitten. Love him so much,  such a cuddler!  Just sending a happy update. If you ever have time can you tell me about their parents again Johan and jewels,  the mom was a F2 and the dad a f5?  And I think you said he was the only one born?  How tall is Johan and what does he weigh? Just so happy with him.  I referred you to a few people already!" 

Update on Owen

Hi Sandy,  

Update: I think Owen has doubled in size!  Lol he is so healthy and full of character, took him to vet to introduce him and he was 4 lbs at 12 weeks,  Dr. Alter said yes never seen such a handsome kitten!!! This is how we watch tv.

Update from Jessica

Hi Sandra,

How are you? We love our kitten! We names her Kiera. She's so sweet and smart. I'm actually trying to talk my husband into a getting another one. Since we already have a kitten from you, would u be able to make a deal with us? We were interested in an F3 again.

Jessica Piccoli 

Update from Wayne

Hi Sandy. Just wanted to tell you what an amazing kitten!! It took no time at all for him to acclimate to our home, he has the most amazing character and he is beautiful!!  Hes already playing "go fetch" and loves to cuddle.  Thank you so much for our kitten! What a great addition to our family. You're the best and was a pleasure meeting you!!!  



Update on Pleiades from Telina

"We are totally  in love with our new kitten ( Pleiades) Ms. Sandy you do  a fabulous job and was a joy to talk with you. 
You made this process very easy:)  
You can tell you really care about the animals you breed it shows!! 
we are so very greatful and would definitely recommend you!!
thanks again so much!!!

Update from Tina and Chris

Here is a pic of male kitten #2 from Johan and Dior. He is getting along better than expected with the other cats, he's super playful and affectionate.  Love him!


Tina & Chris

Update from Heather

"Thank you for our beautiful snow kitten! When she arrived home, she came right out of her cage purring! She's so lovable. She follows my 2 year old around like a shadow. They are best buddies already and it's only been 3 days! Thank you for the perfect kitten!"

Update on Oscar from Mike



Attached are some pictures of Oscar.  We love him!!! 


I would like to say that Oscar is the most loving and affectionate cat I have ever owned.  He will let anyone hold him and purrs instantly when around people.  He is very intelligent and will always hang around the sink as he loves the sound of running water.  He also gets along great with our other female cat.  We are very pleased with our purchase and look forward to years of fun with him. 


Thank you,


Update on Harmony and Joy

Dear Sandy,


Harmony and Joy came into our life  not even one month yet and I now can not imagine my life without them.  I know that from the very start they were handled and socialized very well. It took only one day for them to feel at ease in the new home.  What is especially nice is that they are at ease with company in the house. checking them out and not running  scared y cat away. 


In no time they were sleeping in the bed with us, purring and giving kisses on my nose. Actually Joy has a thing about licking my nostril.... we are working on curbing that.  I love having the two of them, two loves  with very different personality  I am glad they have each other to play with when I cant. I  thank you for working our an arrangement that afforded me to buy two litter mates.  I look forward to many years full of Harmony and Joy.


The first two photos were after 2 days and the last 2 were 4 days ago, They are growing and so beautiful.. I love every thing about those two.


Gratefully yours,



Update From Raymond

"He LOVES the dryer after I take the clothes out. :-) And he LOVES to be outside. :-) I LOVE HIM TO DEATH! :-)"

Update on Olha

"Hi, this is Ben.  I purchased one of your savannah cats a little while back and just wanted to let you know she is doing great.  She is as smart as my dogs.  I am sending a couple photos and a video of how she learned to open doors.  We are also in the process of toilet training her as wel. I still can't believe how smart of a cat she is.

Thank you again!"

Update From Amy Huff

"We were very pleased and excited when we got our kitten from Savannah Exotics. He was very healthy, happy, playful, and eager to eat soon after arriving home from a trip across the U.S.  He has a very energetic and loving personality and has already started bonding with the entire family, including my kids and other pets. In addition, Sandra was a joy to speak with and was always easy to reach by email, text, or phone. She was also very helpful and patient with any questions or concerns I had. Thanks again for everything Sandra-if I ever decide to purchase another Savannah kitten in the future, I would consider you first."

-Amy Huff

Update on Mika

"We want to thank you for the opportunity to love this little girl. She has a wonderful personality and has been very socialized with her siblings as well as people. We couldn't be happier with the overall experience you've provided us. She's a very healthy, energetic young kitty."

Update From Ben

"I just wanted to thank you for such a beautiful kitten.  She is settling in great at my home and she is by far the most adorable kitten I've ever seen. We had our first visit to the vet earlier this month and everything went great.  She already learned how to play fetch."

Update on Duma!

"Update on Duma. She is doing amazing! I fall more in love with her everyday. She has the best personality ever. She is my shadow and never leaves my side. She is just a perfect little angel. We love her so much and thank you again. Also, sending one or two people your way for kittens. Everyone just loves her :-)"