Update on Harmony and Joy

Dear Sandy,


Harmony and Joy came into our life  not even one month yet and I now can not imagine my life without them.  I know that from the very start they were handled and socialized very well. It took only one day for them to feel at ease in the new home.  What is especially nice is that they are at ease with company in the house. checking them out and not running  scared y cat away. 


In no time they were sleeping in the bed with us, purring and giving kisses on my nose. Actually Joy has a thing about licking my nostril.... we are working on curbing that.  I love having the two of them, two loves  with very different personality  I am glad they have each other to play with when I cant. I  thank you for working our an arrangement that afforded me to buy two litter mates.  I look forward to many years full of Harmony and Joy.


The first two photos were after 2 days and the last 2 were 4 days ago, They are growing and so beautiful.. I love every thing about those two.


Gratefully yours,